The Marquise

The marquise inlay pattern is made with a three-dimensional panel that is created in five stages. First, the centre of a diamond shape is carefully positioned and laser cut to obtain a panel that looks three-dimensional thanks to the volume created by the core in each rhombus; the craftsmen will then carefully clean the model with a damp cloth.

Luhdo Noon Bag e Poket Bag
Luhdo Cloud Bag

Once cleaned, they wait for the model to dry for at least six hours; once the drying process is complete, it is sewn and hand-stitched in place. During the last stage of the process, the inner part of each diamond is dyed with water-based colour to match the leather. The process is repeated twice, with an interval of one hour between the first and second coat.



Ceramics, Leather Trays and Boxes

Vases and containers are turned on the lathe, enamel painted and hand-painted during the third firing process.

The key trays are slipcast with liquid clay and enamel painted; the decoration is painted during the third firing process and the finishing welt is hand-painted with a brush during the fourth firing.

The leather objects from the LUHDO HOME collection are handmade from a wooden structure and lined in leather with a geometric inlay technique.


Textile items are manufactured according to an ancient rural tradition of Lucca, dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries.

Worked by skilled tessandore (weavers) on 16 hand looms in chestnut wood, all the pieces are recognisable in their essential details, such as uncut weft ends, proving that they have been made by hand. Only a limited number of items can be produced with a hand loom and the constant work of the weaver makes it possible to check quality at every stage, without creating any defects. All items are washed and finished with a soap and water wash. Each product is entirely hand-packed.

Luhdo Circle Box
Luhdo Circle Box
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